RENT – Payment at the start of your stay; will be 3 weeks rent in advance and then weekly (two weeks of this is for termination notice); – They can be made by cash or internet bank transfer; – The first accommodation fee payment for all students is to be made on or before arrival day; – Payments must be made on time. There is a penalty fee of $25 per week if a payment is not made in full by the due date. The application of this surcharge will be strictly enforced.

BOND – When you accept a place at Luau Accommodation you make a one-off deposit payment, which is NZ$200.00 bond. (Premium Accommodation – NZ$200.00 bond). Your security deposit (Bond) is a guarantee that any fees, charges or damage costs that you incur after entering a contract with Luau Accommodation will not be left unpaid. Your Bond (less any deduction necessary) is refunded to you on your leaving date. If your deductions are more than your Bond, you will be required to pay the difference.

KEYS and SWIPE TAGS – Room Keys and Swipe Tags will be given to you on your check in time. You are responsible for them. They must be returned to the Manager on your check out time. If you do not return the Key and Tag on your check out time a fee of NZ$100.00 will be applied to replace them. Also, for safety reasons, it isn’t allowed to borrow flat keys and swipe cards or give code doors to any person who doesn’t live in the accommodation. Is your responsibility to look after your keys and be familiar with the building and accommodation lock system. Lockout service costs NZ$50.00 (between 5pm to 10pm) and NZ$80.00 (between 10pm to 8am) on weekdays, or anytime during weekend. (Unlock Service is only available when the manager is in Auckland).

CHECK IN – It will be done between 7am to 7pm (Monday to Sunday). Any check in between 7.01pm to 6.59am will incur in an extra charge of NZ$40.00. You need to contact Luau Accommodation Manage on (+64 2102302128) on departing Auckland Airport at all times.

CHECK OUT – Check out must be done at 11am. If you or your belongs are still on the premises after 11am (inclusive), it will be considered one more extra day and you must pay the daily fee. Also, it is not allowed the use of any accommodation facilities including internet, kitchen, bathroom, after the check out time.
**Later check out – from 11am to 6pm – NZ$20.00 (Late check out is subject to availability)

CANCELATION OR LATE ARRIVAL DATE ALTERATION – Penalty Fee Policy (applicable to student)

  1. Four weeks prior to first day of arrival date: no penalty fee
  2. Three weeks prior to first day of arrival date: 1 week rent
  3. Two weeks prior to first day of arrival date: 2 weeks rent
  4. One week or less prior to first day of arrival date: 4 weeks rent

RE-ACCOMMODATION FEES – Once a student has paid for an agreed period, if he/she decides to go away for any reason there will be a CANCELATION FEE OF NZ$350.00. Also there will be NO delayed credit for any time away from the accommodation and there will be NO transfer for another person.



NOISE – As Luau Accommodation is a place for study and is in a high-density living environment, noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times. If problems are experienced with noise that cannot be solved by a resident, they should seek assistance from a member of the residential management team. Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times – particularly between 10pm to 8am. PENALTY NZ$50.00

SMOKE –Luau Accommodation is in a SMOKE FREE BUILDING (it means that it is not allowed smoke inside this building). THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED – If it happens you will be told to vacate the flat within 24 hours with loss of your rent, notice and bond. Also, if smoke alarms and sprinklers are activated due to smoking indoors (and/or incense sticks, cigarettes, etc), you agree to pay the full cost of a call out fee, charged by the State Fire Brigade, which can be as much as NZ$1000.00.

DRINKS – It is not allowed to consume Alcohol after 10pm – all days. Also, it is not allowed to consume Alcohol inside the room (at any time). THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. PENALTY – NZ$50.00

DRUGS – Drugs are strictly prohibited. Any evidence of illegal substances will result in eviction from Luau accommodation. You will be asked to vacate the apartment within 24 hours with loss of your rent, notice and bond. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

GUESTS – Guests are very welcome only for studies reasons. All the Guest must stay only in the living room. Guests are not allowed to stay inside the rooms. Also, it is not allowed invite or bring them at any time for pre-drinks, parties, dinners, birthdays or to cook together. They will be allowed only with manager’s agreement. Guests must vacate the flat at 10pm. PENALTY – NZ$50.00

END OF THE TENANCY– Tenant’s will be asked to vacate the apartment / building within 24 hours if they have causer or threatened to cause: serious damage to the premises; danger to people or property; serious disruption to other residents or to the business rules.


  • Luau Accommodation or Luau Accommodation’ owners do not take any responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, illness, or death caused to you or to any of your guests during the period of occupation. You agree that the occupation of the premises is at your own risk.
  • Luau Accommodation does not take any responsibility for any personal belongings left in the flat specially in the communal areas.



  • The Residential Manager and/or any other duly authorized agent of Luau Accommodation reserves the right to enter any room when it is deemed by them to be necessary, enforcement of Rules and Regulations and/or maintenance issues.
  • Residents (shared, single or couple/double room) shall keep their rooms and its contents in a clean and tidy condition at all times and shall not allow any accumulation of rubbish in the room at all times (managers can check it anytime). If you don’t take your turn or don’t do a good job, you will have to pay $50 penalty.
  • Residents shall be held responsible for all damage to their rooms or the property in general, resulting from negligent or willful acts by them and/or their guests. Any damage must be reported to the residential management personnel promptly.
  • It isn’t allowed to cook, keep or eat any kind of food already cooked inside the rooms (including noodles, rice, etc). Also, it isn’t allowed to use any type of pots, pans, electrical rice maker inside the room. All the food must be cooked in the kitchen and all the meals must be done in the living room or in the kitchen. ELECTRICAL RICE MAKERS must be used only in the kitchen.


  • Kitchen and Dining Packages that include two settings of crockery, cutlery and glassware will be given on arrival (the dinning package has a number according to your room). You need to return the same dinning package number that was given to you on your check in date. If you return a wrong dinning package number a fee of NZ$20.00 will be deducted from your bond to cover the replacement of the kit. Saucepans, frying pan and general standard kitchen/cooking utensils are available for all students.
  • Residents are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of any communal area they utilize;
  • Kitchen stuffs have to be cleaned every time you finish cooking. If you don’t take your turn or don’t do a good job, you will have to pay $50 penalty.
  • The last time to cook any kind of meals is 10pm (include noodles). Also, dinners stuffs must be cleaned and organized before 10.30pm. Stove and Oven are not allowed to be used between 10pm to 7am. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. PENALTY $50
  • All food preparation, cooking, and dining surfaces must be cleaned up immediately, and cooking utensils and dishes etc, washed and put away after theb completion of a meal.

BALCONY – No clothes/ shoes drying is permitted on the balcony or to be visible from the apartment windows, a fine of up to NZ$100.00 / day may result, and building management reserves the right to enter the apartment and remove clothing from view. No noise in the balcony at all times. Manager reserves the right to call the Noise Control if it happens and a fine up to NZ$110.00 will be applied.

INTERNET – In compliance with the new copyright law (S92a), the use of internet connection for file sharing of copyrighted materials ILLEGAL and may incur fines of up to $15,000. *You have unlimited internet.

ELECTRIC HEATERS/ BLANKETS – It is not allowed the use of any kind of electrical heater (including electric blankets) without the concernment of the manager.


  1. Occupation of the room or any part of the premises is reserved only to those names listed as tenant on the agreement. No additional persons are permitted to stay in the room/on the premises, even for one night.
  2. Tenant’s will treat the premises as their own, keep noise to a minimum and respect rights of others. Visitors are permitted in moderation and are required to abide by the rules of the house. The tenant is responsible at all times for the actions of their visitors and liable for any damage caused by them.
  3. This is a SMOKE FREE BUILDING (it means that it is not allowed smoke inside this building).
  4. No tenant shall not tamper, remove or cover any fire devices, all cost occurring as a result of such activities are treated as damage caused by the tenant will be recoverable from the tenant.
  5. Fire Evacuation procedures are listed around the property ( Annexure A ). You are expected to familiarize yourself with them.
  6. Landlord and tenants are required to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and amendment dated 1 October 2010 (‘the Act’)